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Did you know that Rochester Magnet not only can provide and convert flexible magnet rolls, sheets, and strip, but also provides die cut flexible magnets? These range from simple shapes to specialized rings for switch activation in pneumatic applications. Does your die cut part require adhesive? We can do that too.

There are a few things to consider when providing specs for your die cut magnets:


There are a variety of die cutting techniques available. Rochester Magnet will work with you to determine the best method based on the design of your part and the application. Simpler and thinner parts are typically cut with a steel rule or punch die. We can provide both through cutting and kiss cutting, dependingAdhesives on the requirements and specifications of the part. More complex or thicker parts may require water jetting to yield the best results.


Generally, the tolerances that apply to die cutting rigid materials, like metal or rigid plastic, don’t apply to flexible materials. Flexible magnet “gives” slightly during the manufacturing process, requiring slightly looser tolerances. We recommend +/- .005” minimum when designing your die cut part.


While we make every effort to manufacture to your specs, flexible magnet, like most materials, will expand and contract with changes in temperature. This is known as the coefficient of thermal expansion and will be more noticeable on larger parts. We recommend consulting with our experts if you have questions about your  part and application so we can get you the right part the first time.


Although often referred to as “rubber magnet”, flexible magnets do not stretch like rubber. Thin walls, narrow and intricate designs can be delicate and may require careful handling. If you’re concerned about the durability of your design, contact us to troubleshoot it with you.



Die Cut FlexContact us and our team of our experts will help guide you. We are always happy to work with you throughout the design process, and if samples or prototypes are required, we’ll get those done for you quickly and accurately. Our team of experienced professionals will make sure you get the right product for your application.

Printed magnets are seemingly everywhere these days, from promotional items like calendars and business cards to high end retail display applications. Printed magnetic media has found a home on the sides of refrigerators and file cabinets, as vehicle advertising, and as interchangeable messaging and promotion for in-store displays.

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Aren’t we are all just looking for some closure in our lives?  If you work in the marketing display, packaging or manufacturing industries, you most likely are.  Designers are constantly struggling with creating innovative and attractive designs that are also functional and reliable. So how do they create sleek looking, unique designs that will stand up over the test of time?  Magnets, that is how. Small, powerful, rare earth magnets, also known as neodymium magnets, are a designers dream for a variety of reasons.

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Tape CollectionSome might feel that choosing the proper adhesive for their project can quickly turn into a sticky situation.   Many different factors come into play when deciding which tape is going to be the most effective and economical for your job.  There are some general questions that must be answered before being able to determine which adhesive will best suit your specific application. 


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With the alarming rise in violent acts occurring in our schools over recent years, comes the need to find ways to heighten security and make our schools a safer place for our kids and educators. One way that schools are doing this is through the use of magnets. Many school districts throughout the United States have started using magnetic strips and sheeting to make their lockdown procedures faster, safer and easier.


Featured in the October issue of Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine, our sales and marketing team authored an article on using magnets in signage. Rather than go on about the should read it for yourself!!!

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SDG October Issue

With the holidays and gift giving season on the horizon, we wanted to take a moment to discuss the topic of magnet safety. Magnets and their amazing magnetic properties are fascinating to children and adults alike. This is the reason they are a popular choice among toy manufacturers and have been incorporated into many children’s toys as well as many other common household items. There are valuable skills and knowledge that can be acquired by children through the ability of being able to construct different three dimensional shapes and objects out of magnets. However, parents must be aware that magnets are extremely powerful and can have very damaging or even fatal consequences if not used properly. Magnets present a very serious danger if ingested into the body either through swallowing or inhalation.


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The holiday season is fast approaching, and with this time of year comes the task of picking out the perfect holiday gift. There is one item that should be on every business owner’s wish list in order to ensure them a profitable and hassle free New Year…magnets of course!! Magnets can play a key role in the success of finding customers, encouraging customers to buy and simplifying your business. Incorporating magnets into your business would be the gift that keeps on giving!


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Some might feel that choosing the proper adhesive for their project can quickly turn into a sticky situation. We are here to help you figure out what direction to go in when it comes to adhesives. Many factors come into play when deciding which tape is going to be the most effective and economical for your job. There are some general questions that when answered will help determine which adhesive will best suit your specific application.

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What could kettle corn and magnets possibly have in common? They are both in abundance at the summer’s numerous festivals that take place in cities all across the country. While kettle corn is much tastier than magnets, it is much less functional! You may be surprised at how many artisans and vendors are finding unique and creative uses for magnets in today’s marketplace.

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Companies are using magnets in POP Displays to showcase their products in many new ways. From cosmetic walls and counter displays to category management and floor stands they have found a way to create an intriguing appeal.

Magnets and Magnetic Therapies have been used for centuries to treat a variety of medical conditions. While we can’t say if this unique use of magnet works we are intrigued by the many uses people and even medical professionals find for magnets. Rochester Magnet is pleased to see magnets used in many different applications. We get especially excited when we see them being used in the Medical Industry to help and even treat patients. Read the article that we found below of a new type of practice called TMS Therapy (stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation) that helps people with Depression!

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Did you know that setting up and taking down your Tradeshow Booth could be so easy?  People are finding that using Matched Pole Magnet to attach your banner or backdrop is as quick as a snap!  Plus the pieces fit together the same way…every time.  Simply place the Adhesive Backed Matched Pole to your Vinyl Show piece and the other to the Backdrop Holder and you’re done!  Easy Set Up!  Easy Tear Down.  And the best part is that it is easy to store and re-usable.

Tradeshow Display for Blog

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No matter what kind of business one may be interested in running, it always helps to find the most efficient ways of going about it. Sometimes in order to increase efficiency and decrease ones expenditures requires a little bit of creative thinking. One of the best ways that people could make their business run a little smoother is with high quality flexible magnets. Like many other kinds of magnets, they are constantly in use in an incredibly wide variety of devices and displays. Flexible magnets can bring several incredible advantages over older and more conventional ways of doing things.

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Magnetic strip material is a flexible magnet material that is sold is sheets. Businesses use a flexible magnetic strip to do all kinds of things. Adhesive magnetic strip sheets are flat. Since these types of magnets are flexible they have all kinds of uses. You can cut flexible magnetic strip sheets into various sizes. However, adhesive magnetic strip rolls are also purchased in various widths that are precut. The adhesive backing makes them very useful. The fronts on these strips can be colored and printed with company advertisements, etc.

As a graphic designer, you will undoubtedly always find yourself looking to offer new types of services to your clients in order to stay competitive and solutions in magnetic sheeting can provide you with something very innovative to add to your roster of services. Because of the nature of magnetic sheeting, you will suddenly have many new options for visually based advertising that you can offer to your larger corporate clients. Because passive advertising is so popular and big businesses are always looking for a new way to instill their image into the minds of the public, magnetic sheeting can help you to show these clients that you have the power to allow them to do just that.

Magnetic strips are used for businesses in all types of applications. Industrial magnetic strip uses range widely, from use in manufacturing components to making sure that machines are running properly. Those that are trying to seek out a magnetic strip company that is reliable should first consider what kind of strip needs they have to make it easier to select the right business. A great quality magnetic strip company can very easily be found by going on the web.

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When constructing a business, many people many never think about how many different magnets they will find around their office or warehouse when all is said and done. Only fourteen hundred years ago people were just learning how to use natural materials like lodestones for their magnetic properties. Today there are incredibly powerful magnets of all sizes that are available commercially. Highly efficient and portable, the right magnet can be incredible way to make things run smoother for any business.

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When it comes to promotion, organization and many of the other problems that some businesses face, magnets could be the answer. Many people may not realize just how multifaceted some magnets are. Those that are looking for true versatility can easily find it in the form of flexible magnetic sheeting. Flexible magnetic sheeting can have a wide variety of practical applications that any business would find extremely beneficial.

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It seems like you can find adhesive magnetic strips everywhere on the web today. But how do you know exactly what you are getting unless you see it in person? With many of the major online retailers selling adhesive magnetic strips, it makes it difficult to narrow a search down to only those that are perfect for the task at hand. There are ones that are geared more toward craft use and others that are more specific to industrial applications, which can be confusing during a search. When selecting the right thickness, energy level and adhesive for your magnetic strips, it is best to go right to the source. This means visiting the website of the company that makes the type of strip that you want, then researching from there. You might be able to purchase the strips directly from the website, or call them to get a quote on your specific project.

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