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We are surrounded by magnets.  Magnets are all around us, and most people do not even realize it.  Sure, you may have some on your fridge that come to mind, but most average households in the US have hundreds of magnets in them.  These magnets are tucked away in some of our most used items in our home, and we never even knew it.  And to think that magnets are a several thousand year old “technology” that really has not replacement.  It will never go obsolete.  Sure there are alternatives, but generally there is no substitute for the performance of a magnet.

How Magnets Are Used IN Everyday Life?

Modern kitchen cabinets that use magnets to help close the cabinets.

Let’s start in the kitchen.  More than likely, there are a mixture of both flexible printed magnets and some hard magnets on your refrigerator holding up your kids’ drawings or To Do lists.  But, how about inside your refrigerator?  The seal around your fridge door is a magnetic seal to help keep the door closed and your food cold.  Let’s move on to your cabinets, they may very well have some magnetic latches to make sure that they stay closed.  Today many people hang up large decorative channel magnets that can hold their knives, so they don’t accidentally get cut while reaching for them in a drawer.  There are also spice containers with magnetic circles on their bottoms, so they can stick to the sides of the fridge for easy access.  If you have a garbage disposal, microwave, blender, mixer or can opener, then you also have magnets.  Magnets help drive the electric motors inside these small appliances. 

Shower curtain that uses ceramic magnets to keep it against the bathtub.

Moving on to your bathroom, you may likely have a shower curtain liner that has ceramic magnets in it that help it stick to your tub to make sure the water stays in.  If you use a blow dryer, the motor in that may very well have a magnet in it.  Some scales have magnets in them to help the needle on the scale move down quickly when you step off.

Let’s look at your office/home gym.  If you have a computer in your office, then you have magnets in there as well.  Most computer hard drives contain several permanent magnets, unless they are a solid-state drive.  Laptops have magnets in them that trigger reed switches so that they can sense when the cover has been opened.  If you use speakers to listen to music, earphones or even your smartphone, there are magnets in them that help to emit the sound, as well as the speakers in your television sets.  Do you have any exercise equipment in your office?  Odds are if you do, then you can add on more magnets.  Magnets in exercise equipment pass sensors in the machines to count revolutions and let you know just how many miles you got in (or didn’t) during your workout.  Your vacuum cleaner motor also contains super strong neodymium magnets that help to create the powerful suction you look for in a vacuum while keeping it lightweight.

Glancing around your bedroom, you may very well find magnets in some of your clothing or accessories.  Magnets are being used more often as closures for pockets or elsewhere in clothing and as handbag closures.  You may have a magnetic bookmark holding your place in the latest novel on your nightstand.  Many makers of jewelry are now making bracelets and necklaces with magnetic clasps, so you no longer must struggle getting them on by yourself. 

Magnets play a large part in our modern world, without most of us even knowing.  These very small, powerful magnets have a very large impact on our daily life. 



Tradeshow season is upon us and exhibiting at tradeshows is a great way to get your company’s name out there to thousands of new possible customers.  A large backdrop or tradeshow booth can be a great way to attract customers to your booth space.  Most tradeshow booths are collapsible for easy storage and shipping, but did you know that assembling your tradeshow booth can be simple and painless with the use of magnets?!

Most smaller trade show booths or backdrops have a lightweight frame that is collapsible and then when stretched open, locks into place using strong neodymium magnets.  The frame is then covered by printed panels.  The easiest way to have a seamless looking, easy to assemble tradeshow booth is by using Matched Pole Magnets.  Matched Pole is a two-part, flexible magnet system with an A and a B side that line up perfectly with each other 100% of the time.  This is typically found in a 60-mil thick material and sold in ½” to 1” widths with an adhesive on the non-magnetic side. Therefore, you would adhere strips of Matched Pole A on your panels and strips of the Matched Pole B on the frame and they attach easily and are perfectly aligned every single time!  Matched Pole magnet makes setup and takedown almost effortless. 

 Matched Pole magnet is not only a fantastic solution for your tradeshow booth but is a great option if you choose to display signage in any setting. Unlike regular flexible magnetic strip, which may have trouble with the magnetic poles lining up correctly, Matched Pole magnet is the perfect match every time, saving you time and trouble.

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what is a die cut magnet

Die-cut magnets are helpful in many industries, from cut-out magnets on the fridge for branding to industrial applications like switches, gaskets and masking. The die cutter is a type of press that comes in various sizes. 

The cutter uses a steel rule or ejector die to create an exact shape with specific dimensions depending on the magnet's size, thickness and quantity. In other words, the die cutter operates like an industrial cookie cutter, using a hydraulic press to push sharp blades into a material with just enough force to prevent it from cutting the sheet underneath.

Want to learn more? The Rochester Magnet team has created a quick overview of how die-cutting magnets can impact all different businesses in a meaningful way. 

Die Cutting Magnets For Masking

Magnetics for masking are pre-cut adhesive shapes that the manufacturer removes from the roll and sticks on the part. This process can save tremendous amounts of time and labor compared to punching, cutting, tearing and shaping the magnet by hand at a workbench. 

While many companies offer standard squares, rectangles or discs, it's also possible to make intricate, custom shapes. These masks often come with helpful features for the manufacturer, like tabs for easy removal. The manufacturer can also place alignment marks on the mask to ensure that the masked surface is surrounding the correct feature with proper spacing.

Die Cutting Reed Switches

Die cutters are an ideal tool for creating reed switches. The reed switch has two contacts manufactured from ferromagnetic material. The contacts have a hardwearing metal coating and come sealed inside a thin glass envelope filled with unreactive gas. The contacts also have magnetization from materials like nickel-alloy. When a magnet comes near the switch, it causes the reeds to separate or touch to control or interrupt power flow. 

The reed switch has many real-world applications, from laptop computers to cellular flip phones. Each one of these example devices has a magnet on one side and the reed switch on the other so that opening or closing the device opens or closes the circuit.

The die-cutter can punch out the magnetic rings necessary for the reed switch to function properly. Later in the production process, the manufacturer applies magnetization.

Die-Cutting Car Magnets

Blue car with a customized die cut car magnet

The die-cut car magnet is perfect when you need unique shapes. A die-cutting press can cut in virtually any shape, from illustrated characters and logos to original artwork. That's why Rochester Magnet offers die-cutting services for car magnets to advertise your business.

Car magnets are ideal for building brand awareness in unexpected places, like the back of a bumper in the line at a drive-thru or on the highway. This mobile advertising will help people remember the name and imagery for your brand next time they need a solution.

These magnets have no barrier for use since anyone can simply stick a magnet on their car. It's also possible for you to print large, economic magnets for your vehicle fleet instead of paying for expensive decals and paint jobs. 

A properly made magnet has a long life for outdoor use. A simple cleaning will help you reap a return on your investment for years to come and attract attention on the road. 

Contact Rochester Magnet for Die-Cutting Solutions 

Want to find a die-cutting magnet solution? Rochester Magnet has been serving U.S. and overseas customers for more than 25 years with everything from short-run quantities to large-scale production. We have experience in many industries and we'll walk with you step by step from conception to production.

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