Odds are you have been driving behind someone’s car that is covered with magnets shaped like paw prints, stars or some other crazy shape other than a basic rectangle or square magnet that is most common.  Have you ever wondered… “Hmmm, how do they make these cool magnets in all different shapes?”  The short answer is they are converted out of boring old strips and sheets of flexible magnet by a process called die cutting.  Die cut magnets are used for a variety of different applications.  There are die cut magnets that help to operate reed switches, make gaskets, are used for masking during painting equipment, have the name of your realtor on your fridge on a little house, make your spice container be able to magnetically attract to your refrigerator…you name it!  The process of die cutting entails using a steel rule or an ejector die that has been carefully made in the exact shape and dimensions of what you would like your image to look like.  There are then a variety of machines that the magnets can be die cut on depending on the size of the magnet, thickness of the magnet and quantity of the magnets that need to be made.  Take a look at some common die cutting applications performed on different machines in the three videos below and prepare to be amazed at how quickly a magnet can be transformed from square to “this I gotta share”