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What to Know About Flexible Magnets Used in Retail Signage

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Brand-building and promotional signage is everywhere. It dominates the retail environment. What you might not know is that these days, when you see a retail sign, there’s likely a flexible magnet as part of that sign structure.

In the retail environment, magnets have become a predominant means of effectively securing the sign in place, while providing the efficiency and ease of positioning and repositioning as necessary.

The efficiency doesn’t end with ease of placement and positioning. Today’s technology allows retailers and their sign production partners to print directly on flexible magnets – no need for printing separate sheets, then mount or laminate to a firm board, and affixing with hard to remove Velcro. Print directly on the flexible magnet and easily attach using at retail or POP with an adhesive backed magnet for mounting to metal ferrous surfaces or magnetic receptive materials, such as Rubber Steel.

Flexible magnetic sheeting and strip magnets are the most commonly used magnets in the signage industry. Available from Rochester Magnet in rolls, sheets, or in cut or scored pieces to meet your exact specifications, these flexible magnets provide a level of effectiveness and affordability unmatched by other point-of-purchase signage technologies. Some of the most popular point-of-purchase and promotional signage applications in which printed magnets are utilized include: vehicle signage, menu boards, calendars, team schedules, business cards and seasonal in-store graphics.

If you’re a sign printing and production house, the good news is that printable flexible magnets are a versatile, economical and valuable addition to your market offerings – and, of course, a profitable addition to your sign production portfolio. It’s critical that you have the proper magnetic material for your specific printer, as there are many different topcoats and laminates made specifically for the various commercial printers and inks. Consider partnering with a company like Rochester Magnet to make sure you’re getting exactly the right material, according to your exact specifications.

Now’s the time to add printed flexible magnets to your product portfolio. We’re confident that signage applications for retail point-of-purchase and beyond will be sticking around for quite a while.

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