ainico1Ceramic Magnets are used in a variety of applications since they are inexpensive (compared to other magnet materials), offer moderate strength, are readily available in a wide ranges of sizes/shapes, and easily magnetized in a variety of formats. Frequently, Ceramic Magnets are used in Sandwich, Round Base and Channel magnets to multiply the holding force while keeping cost reasonable. 

Common Applications:

DC Motors - Speaker Magnets - Magnetic Separators - MRI - Magnetic Assemblies (lifting, holding, retrieving, separating) - Arts and Crafts - Automotive Sensors - Refrigerator Magnets.

General Information - Ceramic Magnets
  • Magnetic Field orientation is through the thickness.
  • All dimensions are in inches.
  • Specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all magnets will be furnished in conventionally magnetized condition.
  • Magnetic Field orientation is through the thickness.
  • Blocks - Tolerances on blocks are the greater of +3% or +0.045" on cross-sectional dimensions, and 0.005" on the orientation direction.
  • Discs and Rings - Tolerances on diameters are the greater of plus or minus 1.5% or +0.015", and the greater of plus or minus 1% or plus or minus 0.010" on lengths.
Shapes, Sizes, and Grades Available

Stock and custom shapes, sizes, and grades available.  Please Contact us to assist with your application.

Performance and Grades

AlNiCo and Ceramic Magnets are available in different grades - each with a specific set of characteristics. The chart below summarizes several pertinent characteristics to assist with application. Contact our Sales Tech Team to discuss your specific challenge.

Material Max. Coercive Force (Oe) BH Max (MGOe) Max. Operating Temp. (°C/°F)
Sintered AINiCo 2 560 1.50 540/1000
Cast AINiCo 5 640 5.50 540/1001
Sintered AINiCo 5 620 3.95 540/1002
Cast AINiCo 8 1650 5.30 540/1003
Sintered AINiCo 8 1500 4.00 540/1004
Ceramic 2 1860 1.00 400/750
Ceramic 5 2400 3.40 400/751
Ceramic 8 2950 3.50 400/752


ainico2The strongest of the Non-Rare Earth Magnets are also excellent for high temperature applications. While quite hard and brittle, they can be machined using special tools and equipment to close tolerances.

Two different manufacturing processes are used; magnets are either Cast or Sintered, and a wide variety of shapes and sizes are readily available. 

A Sintered AlNiCo magnet is structurally stronger than Cast AlNiCo and generally provides parts with closer tolerances prior to machining. 


Different material grades provide price/performance options. The chart to the right provides summary information; contact us for detailed technical information. 

Standard Sizes & Shapes

The ability to form and machine this material provides a wide range of potential sizes and shapes as the photograph above illustrates. So, although many standard sizes and shapes are available, this is an excellent magnet when a specific size, shape or configuration is required.

Applications requiring close size tolerances often use these magnets since they can be machined and ground to size. 

Magnetic Field

AlNiCo magnets can be partially demagnetized if like poles of magnets are brought together. Placing individual magnets in contact with ferrous materials can also partially demagnetize them. Care must be exhibited in handling magnetized magnets. Typical AlNiCo 5 applications require a long magnetic length to pole surface ratio (usually 4:1 or greater) to insure reliable magnetic performance.

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