When you need light to heavy-duty magnetic strength for automotive, furniture-building or identification applications, Rochester Magnet has numerous standard and custom channel magnet sizes to choose from. Our experienced specialists can also help you obtain channel magnet assemblies or flexible C-channel magnet rolls to your exact specifications.

What are Channel Magnets and what are they used for?

ceramic channel

Channel Magnetic Assemblies are created using neodymium or ceramic magnets clad in a steel channel. By incorporating magnetic and non-magnetic materials, assemblies amplify pull strength and often use rectangular bases that feature holes for mounting on various surfaces. Magnetic strength can be multiplied by up to 32 times by using steel armatures to concentrate magnetic flux. Such armatures may take the form of backing plates or channels. The maximum increase in power is obtained when magnets are sandwiched between two plates.

For example: A 0.187" thick x 0.750" wide x 1" long rubber magnet has 4 ounces of pull strength. The same magnet bonded to a channel (assembly #RMCH-10) will pull 5 pounds, which is 20 times greater.

Common Applications: Sign and Banner Holders - License Plate Mounts - Door Latches - Cable Supportschannel2

Our Channel Magnet Materials

Rochester Magnet specializes in converting powerful neodymium magnets and versatile ceramic magnets within robust steel channels. Choose neodymium channel magnets for exceptional strength and durability in small sizes, ideal for discreet furniture, cabinetry and drawer closures. Our channel ceramic magnets are available in multiple grades and dimensions and are an inexpensive way to enhance the holding, lifting or retrieval power of our magnetic materials.

What Are C-Channel Magnets and What Are They Used For?

C-channel magnetic strips are flexible magnets with functional profiles. Their edges create a convenient shape for sliding in labels, bar codes and perforated name cards. Once attached, C-channel magnets allow you to insert and remove labels as often as needed. We can line the unprofiled surface with rubber or acrylic-based adhesive backing for simple, long-lasting attachment to non-magnetic surfaces. Whether you need C-channel magnets for product identification, menu boards or another purpose, we can customize your order for the project.

Common Applications: Warehouse Rack and Shelving Label Holders - Magnetic Price Tag Holders - Door Nameplates

Our C-channel magnetic label holder strips are available in varying sizes to suit the custom labels you're using. We provide magnetic C-channel rolls that you can cut easily with scissors, or we can score the product for tearing off by hand. Rochester Magnet offers solutions for warehouse organization, retail displays and other magnetic labeling applications to the precise dimensions you need.

Our C-Channel Magnet Materials

We convert our C-channel magnets from American-made magnetic sheet material. Our flexible, extruded rubber magnet strips perform reliably under varying environmental conditions both indoors and outdoors.

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