From refrigerator magnets to commercial signage, flexible magnetic sheet material is incredibly versatile. At Rochester Magnet, we convert American-made materials into products that meet your requirements. We offer magnetic sheets of various thicknesses and widths in custom sizes, shapes, colors and other specifications. 

Rochester Magnet offers quick turnaround times and quality services. If you're looking for magnetic sheets in individual pieces, full-sized rolls or particular shapes, we have a wide selection available. You can also print on a magnet with our flexible industrial magnetic sheets designed to fit your specific printer. We'll help you get your advertising, sign or display job done right using Offset and Screen Printing or Digital Presses. 

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Magnetic Sheets Cut to Size


Our company efficiently converts sheet magnet material to your project designations. We have various sizes and shapes available for limitless configurations. You can customize several aspects, including: 

  • Thickness: Measured at 0.015 inches, 0.020 inches, 0.030 inches, 0.045 inches and 0.06 inches.
  • Width and length: Offered in standard roll sizes of 24.38 inches wide and up to 48 inches (for White or Plain) by 50 inches long unless requested otherwise.
  • Lamination and top coat: Available to order in six stock colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, and White) or plain (rubber-based adhesive or acrylic-based adhesive).
  • Cut sheet and die-cut configurations: Customized by design specifications or standard images.

We are ready to custom-configure magnetic sheets for your business.

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Common Uses and Applications

Flexible magnets are perfect for a wide range of applications that require durable low- to medium-strength magnetic pull. With their flexible and bendable design, these magnets lend themselves well to projects requiring pieces that can withstand being bent into any shape or direction. Flexible magnetic sheets bend and twist easily without alteration to their shape or function.

Flexible magnets are most commonly used in the following products and industries:

  • Control charts
  • Door and window seals
  • Magnetic storage systems
  • Marketing decals
  • Menu boards 
  • Package sealing
  • Point of sale advertising

Flexible magnetic sheets you can cut to size are most valuable for use in the advertising sector. Their strength, durability and low cost point makes them a valuable element of an advertising arsenal. A high-quality range of advertising specialties consists of refrigerator magnets, architectural signage, bin markers, automobile signage, hand lettering, graphics, craft magnets, hot stamping, die-cut magnets, display boards, hobbies, menu boards, and lots more. 

Magnetic sheets are fantastic for creative purposes. Use flexible magnetic sheets to make reusable calendars, fridge magnets, bookmarks, memo boards and photo frames.  There are unlimited creative possibilities with flexible magnets around the house. 


Flexible magnetic sheets are an effective, low-cost way to advertise your business, create marketing decals, seal packages and create menu boards. When you use flexible magnetic sheets for advertising and creative purposes, you won't have the lamination and peeling issues of vinyl detailing. Magnetic sheets are also known for their strength, as they don't easily become demagnetized and are easy to store and clean. 

With their capability of bending and twisting, flexible magnetic sheets can be used in many innovative products. They're easy to cut and score into custom shapes and can be printed with virtually any design. No matter the size of your project, there's a flexible sheet of magnetic material for the job. 

Custom Die Cutting for magnetic sheets

What is a Custom Die, and Why do I need it?

Rochester Magnet uses drawings, engineered prints and off-the-shelf standard die-cut shapes to create magnets in shapes of all kinds. We produce a magnetic sheet cut to size with expert precision or purchase existing options ready to be shipped.

We can make a clean die-cut or score your magnet by leaving it on a magnetic sheet roll. For these processes, we offer a diverse range of options: 

  • Plain magnetic sheet
  • Magnetic sheet with adhesive
  • Magnetic sheet with printable laminate

Custom Shapes

We can also economically create custom tooling in virtually any shape you desire.  The magnetic shapes on a marketing piece add that personalized touch and make the piece stand out.

These shapes make great marketing pieces to advertise a business or save a date.  Custom magnets keep marketing messages visible on refrigerators or file cabinets.

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Use magnetic marketing decals to add a personalized touch and make messages stand out at an affordable price. Custom magnets from Rochester Magnet allow you to create visible, scannable reminders for business cards, save the dates or other promotional information. If you're looking to make a magnet, please contact us to discuss project specifications or design requirements today.

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