Our high-quality range of flexible magnets strips is being used in various kinds of products and applications. We have rich experience in efficiently converting flexible magnet materials to your specific requirements.

Whether plain or with a set adhesive to scored on a roll or cut pieces, we can provide a great solution for your project.

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Getting Started

Whether you are looking for a common size and/or shape or require a completely custom configuration, the process of selecting a flexible magnetic strip starts the same way. The steps below provide a way to specify your magnet or serve as a starting point for a quotation for a custom order. You can order from our "Quick Ship" products in our online store or contact us to help you select the right magnetic strip or tape that works best for you.  

It all starts with a few key attributes below:

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Step 1 - Magnetic Strip Material Options

Select Magnet Thickness & Width 

The basic parameters outline the magnet's fundamentals and lead us towards the required raw materials. 

A range of thicknesses from 0.020(in) to 0.120(in) are available for Flexible Strip Magnets.

Standard Product Pull Force and Weight
Thickness (in) Magnetic Pull
"Quick Ship"Standard Energy Magnetic Pull
High Energy*
Standard Length (ft) Roll Weight3" Wide Roll (lbs)
.020 6.2   10.1 200 20
.030 8.5 Online onlineStoreIconStore 13.8 200 30
.045 9.1   14.8 200 45
.060 11.8 Online onlineStoreIconStore 19.2 100 30
.085 14.2   23.1 100 42
.120 16.3 Online onlineStoreIconStore 26.5 100 60

* Minimum pounds of pull per lineal foot of 1" wide strip at zero air gap.

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pole configurations2Pole Configurations

Standard Flexible Magnets are MultiPole Single Faced Magnetized.  The image to the right shows this configuration which is applicable to most applications (Multipole One Face).

Other options are available (to the right) for arranging the poles on a flexible magnetic strip. If your project calls for specific magnetization, Rochester Magnet can also accommodate this requirement.


Matched Pole Strip

Matched Pole strip is available for magnet face to face applications.  The Matched Pole can allow for face-to-face capabilities without any aligning pole issues. Contact us for details. See More at Solutions for Signs and Displays.

High Energy and Nitril Butile for "Special Applications"

Need more strength for already-strong magnetic strips?  - You may require a High Energy magnet.

Have a high temperature application or require chemical / solvent resistance? - Nitrile Butile Bonded Magnet may be right for your project.

Quick Ship Available On-line

Ready to ship standard stock sizes and lengths available for Quick Ship.

As always, custom sizes are easily available by request.  

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Step 2 - Adhesive Laminate Options

Select An Adhesive or Laminate

When choosing the ideal flexible magnetic strips it is essential to know that application ascertains whether you need a pressure-sensitive adhesive or other material laminated to the magnet. The options are explained in detail below:

Plain Adhesive Laminate
No Coating PSA: Rubber Vinyl: Matte White
No Laminate PSA: Acrylic WOWO
  PSA: Foam UV Matte White
    Vinyl: Colors

The application of vinyl to the magnet material can be provided all alone or in co-existence with adhesive on another side.
Six standard colors are available for vinyl lamination:
White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red and Green

Fundamental Best Practices for Care and Application of Adhesives


Step 3 - Cut & Scoring Options To Meet your length needs

Select Length and Cut vs Score Options

Our range of strong magnetic strip/tape can be cut or scored to meet in particular applications. The cut strip is properly boxed for single piece use and storage. 

Scored material keeps the magnet undamaged on the adhesive and release liner. The one major benefit to scored materials is that it is in its roll form and so easier to store and handle. Remove the pieces as needed without eliminating the liner.

Cut Through

The blade cuts clean through the magnet and the release/lamination to create individual pieces.

Clean Score

Through magnet and adhesive, yet not through the adhesive release liner.

Partial Score

Incomplete cut through magnet and are separated into individual pieces by bending them at the score line.

Through Laminate

Allows separation of the release liner from the adhesive/magnet.


In addition, to the straight cut options identified above, we can custom die-cut in standard design or your specific shape.


Applications for Our Wide Magnetic Tape Strips

There is a variety of applications for our flexible magnetic strips because they offer versatility for multiple functions and uses. Whatever type of industry or operations you're using them for, our products provide a simple, reliable solution for your requirements. You can get the most from your investment when you choose strong magnetic strips that can handle demanding applications.

Some of the ways you can use them include setting up signs and displays. This process is convenient and straightforward with magnetic strips that provide maximum functionality and much more.

benefits of buying flexible magnetic strips from rochester magnet

Benefits of Our High-Strength Magnetic Strips

When you use our strong flexible magnetic strips, you'll gain several advantages. High-strength magnetic strips offer the capabilities you need for many different application types and environments, and you can depend on it for critical uses in your industry. Optimize your processes with benefits of our products such as:

  • Convenience: Magnetic strips allow for easy and quick setup for your requirements.
  • Durability: Our neodymium magnets deliver long-term performance and reliability, so you get powerful functionality for your applications.
  • Versatility: Whatever your operational requirements, you get broad application flexibility and can use the rare Earth magnets for a wide range of different needs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our solutions are highly cost-effective and deliver high value for a low price point.

Ask Us About Our Strong Flexible Magnetic Strips for Sale

At Rochester Magnet, we provide an extensive selection of magnets and offer fast, cost-effective options for quick customization. We're here to help you get the right products for your operational or functional requirements, and we strive to ensure you have an exceptional customer experience with us. Whether you're looking for high energy magnet strips, magnetic sheets, or any other type of custom solution, let us work with you to find magnetic systems that work optimally for you. Choose Rochester Magnet, your trusted magnetic solutions provider with the most positive customer reviews in the industry. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and get a quote today.

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