Magnets are attracted to a limited number of materials. Frequently, our customers need a magnetic receptive surface or a feature for their product that attracts magnets. We have a variety of products available to satisfy a diverse set of applications and can also offer custom sizes, adhesives, and laminate facings. 

Magnetic receptive material can be used in various ways, especially for commercial applications. Magnets can accomplish both aesthetic and technical functionalities, such as displays or packaging. Call us and we will help you with your magnetic receptive material needs.

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RubberSteel is:

  • Magnetic Receptive — unlike magnet-to-magnet attraction, pole alignment is not a problem
  • Flexible — lays flat, wraps around curved surfaces, won’t crease
  • Easy to Use — stamp, score, drill, or punch; hand-cut with knife or scissors
  • Easy to Label (with laminates) — screenprint, pad stamp, or hand letter; write on/wipe off with dry-erase markers
  • Easy to Apply — no sharp edges; adhesive backing attaches easily to metal, wood, plastic, Formica, smooth concrete and plaster, cardboard, and more
  • Rustproof
  • Durable, long-lasting, and easy to store

Rubber steel magnetic receptive sheeting is a type of magnetic receptive material that comes as a sheet. You can attach it to different surfaces. Magnetic receptive sheeting with adhesive backing works well for displays, signs, and more. If your business or organization is beginning to use magnets, RubberSteel is a user-friendly option that can tackle a range of applications. 


As pliable and adaptable as flexible magnetic sheeting, RubberSteel magnetic receptive material is ideal for holding magnetic sheets, strips, custom profiles, or hard magnets on either flat or curved surfaces. And because it’s lightweight, RubberSteel material is perfect for school, home, or office.

If you want an economic solution for multiple applications, consider a versatile magnet. RubberSteel is a great option if you're looking for magnets that can work in multiple locations and accomplish many uses. Magnets easily attach to metal surfaces. Plus, when you want to change them or move their locations, they leave behind no residue. 

RubberSteel is a heavyweight option that works well in all applications. 


magnet receptiveFlexible Magnets, Magnetic Receptive Material

This magnetic receptive material is available in thickness .010” (in) and 0.025”(in) thick and can be supplied as wide as 24.38"(in) and in sheet or roll form. We can also provide RubberSteel with a vinyl laminate, Dry Erase, and/or pressure-sensitive adhesive applied. 

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Paper Steel

A thinner and lighter magnetic receptive material alternative to RubberSteel is available in 0.010(in) thickness and 37”(in) width. One surface is printable and the opposite is paper or pressure-sensitive adhesive. This magnetic receptive paper is easy to print and customize to your specific need. 

Typical applications include:

  • Scheduling/Presentation Boards
  • POP Displays
  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Signs
  • Menu Boards

Metal Discs/Plates

flexibleReceptive2Rochester Magnet also provides magnetic sheet metal discs and plates in sizes and shapes to match Neo magnets. This is often desirable as a magnetic receptor to provide the performance characteristics desired. Our relationships with local sheet metal fabrication sources enable us to produce standard and custom shapes quickly. 

When you consider magnetic receptive paper or vinyl, metal discs and plates work well in most applications. External magnets can hold non-magnetic signs and sheets to the magnetic material and give you a wider range of usability. 

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Benefits of Magnetic Receptive Material 

There are many reasons to choose magnetic receptive paper or vinyl from Rochester Magnet. Some benefits of PaperSteel and RubberSteel include: 

  • Versatile placement: Magnetic vinyl can tackle a large range of projects, ranging from marketing to creative displays. You can repurpose your magnets, save time and get the most out of every purchase for design, industrial, and advertising use. 
  • Easy-to-use materials: You can install your magnetic strips wherever and whenever you need them. Both PaperSteel and RubberSteel are user-friendly and require no tools or professional help. 
  • Attractive designs: Our magnets are made from high-quality materials, including the ink and designs applied. The material is durable and retains ink, and the printed designs will last over time. 
  • Improved cost: Magnetic vinyl is a cost-effective way to advertise or display information, art, or designs. Instead of paying separately to create a display and then hanging it, you can adhere your magnets to any metal surface. You can reuse magnets and save on repeated costs. 

Consider magnetic receptive material for all design and marketing needs. We can help you find the perfect style and quantity for your application. 

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Rochester Magnet offers speed, specs, service, and savings to give you the ultimate shopping experience. Our team of experts can help you find the right magnet product for your industry and make sure you get what you need, when you need it. If you know what you require, we can help you narrow your search through industry-specific information and applications. 

To learn more bout magnet pricing and finding the right products for your business, contact us for a quote and start with Rochester Magnet today. We make it easy to find the magnets you need for your field. 

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