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With the right solutions, you can help make warehouse operations easier and more streamlined. Magnetic label holders for warehouse racking applications let you keep track of inventory and other information, ensuring organization throughout the facility is faster and simpler for everyone. If you're looking for convenient labeling solutions for your warehouse operations, Rochester Magnet has the selections you're looking for to optimize racking requirements.

At Rochester Magnet, we offer trusted magnetic solutions that provide the durability and versatility a wide range of industries can use for their needs. We take the time to understand each customer's unique specifications and help with all kinds of projects, from a small batch for a short-term market to large-scale production requirements. Whatever your operational needs, we bring years of industry expertise and in-depth knowledge of our product to deliver your best solution.

Applications for Magnetic Labels

Flexible magnetic labels are now commonly used in warehouse operations to allow for ease of relabeling pallet locations without the mess of a permanent adhesive label. Rochester Magnet has all your flexible magnetic labeling needs to get you started on creating applications including:

  • Warehouse labels - location marking: To optimize processes throughout the warehouse, you can use magnetic labels to identify different bays, aisles and other locations throughout the facility.
  • Bar code labels: Make bar code identification easy and accessible with magnetic labels for different warehouse products.
  • Project boards: With magnetic labels for project boards, you can ensure all workers have accessible information on tasks and project status.
  • Visual aids: Help keep everyone up-to-date on current requirements, analytics and other critical insights with magnetic label options to provide visual aids at the facility.
  • Control charts: For optimizing control charts and making sure everyone can keep tabs on the information, you can use our magnet products.
  • Attendance notification - in/out board: Seamlessly track employee times in and out with labels to manage attendance notifications.

Our Magnetic Labels for Racking Product Options

To best meet your warehouse operation needs, we offer several different types of products. Whatever you're looking for, you can find a selection that works best for your applications. Let us help you make organizing your projects more manageable.


With a dry erase marker, you can temporarily create labels for stock spaces, erase and remark the area or item again. Flexible dry erase magnetic warehouse labels are available in rolls or cut sizes of various widths and lengths to fit your needs. These magnetic labels are also available in various thicknesses for the required strength. Dry erase flexible labels are convenient for changing on the fly without requiring a printer or label maker.


Plain flexible magnets allow you to simply apply your adhesive inventory label to these strong magnets and place them on your shelves or racks. Magnetic labels are the perfect solution if your inventory moves frequently within your warehouse. These flexible magnetic warehouse labels are available in perforated rolls or cut sizes of various widths and lengths to fit your needs. Plain magnet labels are also available in various thicknesses for the required strength.

Adhesive Magnet Labels

Want to print labels on non-adhesive backed material?  Use our flexible magnet with adhesive to simply apply your label and go.  Adhesive magnet labels are available in rolls or cut sizes of various widths and lengths, these magnets make it easy for you to peel the release liner from the adhesive, press on your label and go.

Colored Magnet Labels

Rochester Magnet provides flexible magnet labels that are available in a variety of colors including the popular Neon Yellow for high visibility.  Rolls or cut sizes of various widths and lengths are available for you to apply an adhesive label to this colorful background or even a clear label so the yellow shows through and provides a background for black text.

Flexible Magnetic Profiles

flexibleWarehouse2The manufacturing process for Flexible Magnets allows for the creation of functional profiles in addition to flat product.  One common application for flexible magnets is the standard "C” channels profile in various widths for labeling.  Often used in a warehouse to label shelves, it is also seen in offices for name plates.

Benefits of Magnetic Label Holders for Warehouse Racking

If you're considering magnet label holder solutions to use in your warehouse facility, you can get a wide range of advantages. These intuitive products offer the flexibility to work with your requirements and help you handle management and organization seamlessly and efficiently. Some of the benefits you'll gain include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Our products are available at low prices and high quality, so you can get the most from the accessories you purchase.
  • Convenient use: When you invest in dry erase magnetic warehouse labels for your operations, you get a product that is easy to set up wherever you need it.
  • Versatile applications: With the flexibility to work in multiple ways, from barcode labeling to signage, magnetic labels work any way you'd like to use them.
  • Lasting durability: These magnets offer durability and performance so that you can rely on them for day-to-day use.

Buy Magnetic Labels to Optimize Warehouse Operations

At Rochester Magnet, we provide an extensive selection of magnets and offer fast, cost-effective options to best meet your requirements. We're here to help you get the products you need, and we strive to ensure you have an exceptional customer experience with us. Let us work with you to find magnetic solutions that work optimally for your operations. 

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