Our high-quality magnetic strips are an excellent option for art display. When hanging art, you want to have a sturdy connection that will keep your artwork safe while showing it off. We have a wide range of artist magnets for art display. 

Our magnetic strips come with varying adhesives and laminate options. Adhesive-backed magnets for fine art prints are a secure choice that adheres to surfaces easily. 

At Rochester Magnets, we can assist in finding the perfect magnetic solution for your application. Our flexible magnetic strips come in various styles to match your application perfectly. 

Why Magnetic Strips for Art over alternatives

Magnet strips can attach to walls or other surfaces to provide a designated area for art display. Depending on the magnet's strength, paper, poster, and canvas can be attached to the flexible strip magnetically. Magnetic strips replace nails or other hanging methods for a simpler alternative. 

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Artist Magnets for Displays

Magnets for art may require different sizes, lengths, and more. Our options for flexible magnetic strips include the following information: 

  • Length: Our roll lengths are 3" wide and come in lengths of 100 or 200 feet. 
  • Score: Different score patterns include cut-through, clean score, partial score, and through-laminate. 
  • Pole configurations: Our pole configurations include multiple poles on one face, which applies to most applications. We also carry other custom options. 
  • Magnetic pull: We have both standard and high-energy magnets, ranging from 6.2 to 26.5 pounds of pull per linear foot.

Benefits of Adhesive Backed Magnets for Fine Art

When working within a specific industry, you should trust that your materials and magnets directly correspond to that sector. Magnets for art have a wide range of industry-specific benefits, including: 

  • Customizable strips: Our magnetic strips come in custom sizes, and we offer laminated and non-laminated versions. Our adhesive backings include rubber, acrylic, and foam, and we provide different scoring and thickness options. 
  • Safe displays:Magnets for hanging art can showcase work without damaging the material or surface.
  • Secure hold: With adhesive strips on the wall or other surfaces, magnets will easily stick to and hold up artwork on multiple media forms. Our durable magnets create a bond strong enough to hold up art while still being easy enough to allow you to change the artwork at any time. 

The right magnetic equipment can save you time and money on installation. We can help you find the right style, thickness, and strength for your intended use. 

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We offer a wide range of magnets for various uses, and our team of experts can help you find the right type for hanging art. When you work with us, we can help you select the perfect solution you need for any purpose. With experience in multiple industries, we have the expertise to help with any display you have.

If you are ready to find magnetic strips for art display, get a free quote when you complete our online form.

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