Are you looking for a way to clearly identify items on shelves or in file cabinets? Rochester Magnet can provide a reliable, cost-effective solution. We offer magnetic labels on a roll that adhere easily to metal surfaces. Our strong magnetic labels are removable, allowing you to make easy changes to accommodate new items or alter your existing layout. 

Magnetic Shelf Labels for Stores, Warehouses and Much More

If you run a retail store or warehouse, changing or creating shelf locations for products is a never-ending task. We can provide custom magnetic barcode labels on rolls you can place wherever you need and move around with ease. Creating scannable barcode labels also simplifies the ordering process and increases accuracy. 

Magnetic File Cabinet Labels

Magnetic labels on rolls are also an excellent choice for improving office organization. Place them on your file cabinets to display alphabetical listings of the drawers' contents or use other methods to list the files and items inside. You can also remove them easily when reorganizing your office or relocating to another area or facility. 

Magnetic Label Holders

Our magnetic label holders give you another flexible solution for labeling file cabinets or shelving. Attach the holder onto the surface and insert a printed or handmade label for identification. Because they're magnetized, the holders will adhere to most metal surfaces and enable you to move them as needed. You can also change the labels simply by removing them from the holder and substituting another. 

Magnetic Dry Erase Labels

Would you prefer to change your labels on the fly without using label makers or printers? Our selection of magnetic labels on a roll also includes products you can write on with a dry erase marker, then wipe clean when you're ready to make updates. They're an excellent choice when you need to make fast changes and aren't concerned about appearances. 

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Stock and Custom Solutions to Meet Your Business's Unique Needs

Our magnetic labels on a roll come in standard roll sizes ranging from 25 to 200 feet long and up to 48 inches wide. Custom roll lengths up to 1,800 feet are also available, depending on magnet thickness and width. You can also choose from multiple color options, ensuring you create the perfect look for your work environment. 

Why Choose Rochester Magnet?

When you partner with us for magnetic labels on rolls and other magnetic products, you'll get flexible solutions and positive results. You'll also receive excellent service every step of the way, whether you're looking for short-run quantities or a large-scale production project. Our unbeatable combination of speed, specs, service and savings enables us to stand out from our competitors. 

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Let us know what your company is looking for regarding magnetic labels, and we'll be happy to help. To learn more or request a quote, submit our contact form or give us a call at 585.385.5550 today. 

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