As a restauranteur or bar owner, you strive to provide a flexible menu that appeals to diners and makes them want to come back to sample your new items. A magnetic menu board makes it easy to keep customers in the loop regarding menu changes, and it's much more attractive and professional than writing the items on a chalkboard.

Rochester Magnet can provide high-quality magnetic menu boards that enable you to experience all the benefits of temporary signage while attaining a permanent look your patrons will appreciate. We also offer magnetic letters for menu boards that make it easy to update your list whenever you're ready to add something new and exciting. 

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Magnetic Boards for Cafes

Magnetic boards are staples at cafes where the menu items change frequently. Depending on which type you choose, you can switch out the entire board or specific areas designated for rotating menu items. Examples of the many ways you can use magnetic boards in a cafe setting include:

    • Remove dishes immediately when they're no longer available or if you run out of ingredients during the day
    • Use magnetic food labels to list your daily specials in just a few seconds
    • Change the order on the board to rank your most popular items
    • Add or remove seasonal items 

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Magnetic Menu Boards for a Food Truck

Food trucks provide a mobile, convenient foodservice solution for lunch outside corporate buildings or at sporting events, concerts or beer festivals. Because of their relatively small size, food trucks may only offer a limited menu. A magnetic board is perfect if you like to change up your menu frequently and offer various items. If you don't want to use magnetic letters for your menu board, you could choose a magnetic chalkboard menu and write the selection by hand.

Magnetic Bar Menu

Craft breweries are all the rage these days. One of the most enjoyable things about visiting your local brewpub is the chance to sample the latest concoctions. A magnetic menu is ideal for making quick updates when you're ready to introduce a new IPA, stout, ale or wheat beer. You can also list bar snacks and other food items and change them as needed. 

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We Can Create Custom Magnetic Menu Boards to Your Specifications

At Rochester Magnet, we understand that part of any eatery's appeal is its ability to distinguish itself from the competition. Our expert team will work closely with you to develop a custom magnetic menu board that attracts attention and helps you promote your brand and image. When you partner with us, you'll benefit from an unmatched combination of speed, specs, service and savings, making us the preferred industry choice for customer satisfaction. 

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