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Constantly evolving innovation in packaging design continues to create sleek designs using new materials.  Magnets play a key role in delivering reliable closures that work time after time. The ability to discreetly integrate disc and block neodymium magnets into the packaging; unique solutions can be delivered delighting the customer and their end user alike.  Packaging designers, manufacturers, and marketing agencies have unanimously adopted magnets as their closure of choice.

Neodymium (rare earth) magnetic closures add a high-end feel while providing a solution that is simple to integrate, easy to open and close, reliable, predictable, performance without wear. Flexible features at an economical cost.

Rochester Magnet has partnered on projects incorporating magnets such as:

  • Specialty Marketing Materials
  • High-End Owner’s Manuals
  • CD, DVD, other Electronic Packaging
  • Handbags
  • Gift Sets
  • Personal Products and Cosmetics

Incorporation of magnets can save cost in tooling and closure assembly when integrated into the package.

Whether clearly visible or completely hidden from view, magnets offer near limitless potential for creating convenient, durable and reuseable high-end packaging that carry a company’s brand far beyond the initial product purchase.

Package Dissection

The use of magnets in packaging is continually increasing. Many advantages exist and are being exploited by creative designers and manufacturing companies.

The photographs below depict one such use of magnets to create a transparent, positive closure in a high-end product packaging application.


This package houses a Universal Remote Control, the instructions, software on a CD, and connection cable. Three (3) Neodymium Magnets are integrated into the Box Cover while three (3) Steel targets are incorporated into the Latch.

packaging1The Package

This design provides a latch/closure which is completely transparent, secure and capable of limitless actuation without significant change in performance.  The adjoining photograph shows the Latch lifted off the closed position to provide a reference frame for subsequent photographs. Initially, one might think that the Latch is simply weighted to fall down when the package is horizontal. However, when opening the package, it becomes clear that forces other than gravity are involved.

The Magnet

Placement of a small piece of viewing paper on the package allows us to see the magnetic field and get an indication of the magnet size and location. The white circle around a dark center indicates the presence of a magnet. Sliding this along the surface reveals the presence of three magnets.

packaging3The Latch

Since magnets are not attracted to paper, we suspect the presence of metal targets or magnets in the Latch. The construction of this component makes it easy to separate and inspect the internal components.

Three (3) Steel targets are revealed - rather than incorporate two opposite pole magnets, this designer decided to use Steel targets instead.

The Cover

Dissection of the Cover was more challenging and messy - however, as this photo shows, a Neo is embedded into this Cover.

Creative Packaging


Rochester Magnet Company utilizes a collaborative process to streamline and optimize the design and implementation of a package closure. We work with the designer to understand the physical specifications and design aesthetic requirements to optimize price and performance. This includes understanding the closure retention force which determines whether two magnets or one magnet with a steel disc or strike plate are used.

Other factors such as the Air Gap (the space between the magnets or steel receptive piece) caused by the material which you bury the magnet in, effect pull force and performance. Call us to help you design and test the right solution for you.

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