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With so many competitors in the market, packaging design is one way you can a statement for your business. Sleek designs will stand out above the rest. That's why so many packaging designers, manufacturers and marketing agencies integrate magnets into their packaging as an attractive, reliable closing technique.

At Rochester Magnet, we offer a wide range of custom packaging with magnetic closures to meet your requirements. We're committed to providing cost-effective and optimized solutions for your processes so that you can depend on your product for long-term needs. Whatever option fits your needs best, we're here to help you implement it at your facility or another work site.

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Our Magnetic Packaging Solutions

Neodymium (rare earth) magnetic closures provide an easy-to-use, reliable solution with a high-end feel. These magnets give you predictable performance without wear. We offer additional flexible features at an economical cost.

Using earth magnets for packaging is ideal for a various applications. Many industries use magnetic packaging options for their products because of the reliability and durability it provides. Rochester Magnet has partnered on projects incorporating magnets such as:

  • Specialty marketing materials: Various industries use magnetic packaging solutions that let recipients post magnetic messages or provide easy access to promotional information.
  • High-end owners manuals: Magnetic solutions for owners manuals can make it easier to access information and keep it secure.
  • CD, DVD, and other electronic packaging:  Magnetic packaging options facilitate added security and user-friendly opening. They also protect electronic products when they're not in use.
  • Handbags: Using magnetic purse closures makes opening and closing easy for consumers while also providing exceptional protection.
  • Gift sets: Magnetic gift sets can enhance user experience, create a novelty gift option and increase overall functionality without additional packaging.
  • Personal products and cosmetics: A broad assortment of personal products can work optimally with magnetic packaging solutions for intuitive use.

You can choose for the magnet to be clearly visible or completely hidden depending on your product. Either way, magnets offer near limitless potential for creating convenient, durable and reusable high-end packaging that will carry a company’s brand far beyond the initial product purchase.

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The Advantages of Using Magnets for Box Packaging

Choosing earth magnets for packaging is an excellent option for many different requirements, offering advantages to manufacturers and consumers alike. Some of the benefits of using magnets for packaging applications include:

  • Versatility: You can use the same type of magnetic closure products for several different packaging needs.
  • Durability: Long-lasting and high-performance magnets are a reliable form of packaging that ensures dependable protection and functionality for your products.
  • Usability: Magnetic packaging is easy to use and makes products more accessible to consumers.
  • Cost-effective: We strive to provide competitive prices.

Package Dissection

Creative designers and manufacturing companies continuously find ways to integrate magnets into packaging and involve customers with high-end experiences. The photographs below highlight various uses of magnets for product closures. 


This package uses three neodymium magnets in the box cover and three steel targets in the latch. The inclusion of these magnets protects the box from opening and losing its contents. This packaging fits a universal remote control, CD software, a connection cable and the product's instructions. 

packaging1The Package

The latch closure is completely transparent. This design allows for secure closure. For reference, the accompanying photograph shows the latch lifted off the closed position. When the latch is lifted, customers can see that the package closes with magnetic force. 

The Magnet

You can see the magnetic field, size and location of the magnets when you place a small piece of viewing paper on the package. When slid along the surface, the paper reveals three magnets, based on three white circles around dark centers.

packaging3The Latch

Magnets are not attracted to paper, which indicates that there are metal targets or magnets in the latch. Upon separation and inspection of internal components, we notice that the designer used three steel targets instead of two opposite pole magnets. 

The Cover

As you can see in this photo, a neodymium magnet is embedded in the cover. 

Creative Packaging


For the best price and performance, we utilize a collaborative approach at Rochester Magnet. We focus on understanding physical specifications and design aesthetics to provide high-quality options. 

We start by determining the closure retention force, air gap and other elements required for proper function. The closure retention force determines the ideal number of magnets to use with a steel disc or strike plate. The air gap creates the pull of magnets based on the space between the magnets and the steel receptive piece. We consider all of these factors as we implement our solutions.

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Rochester Magnet offers a wide selection of packaging magnets. As a trusted product provider, we're committed to creating the best experience for every customer. Our friendly service and dedicated assistance make the entire process easier for you from start to finish. With exceptional delivery speed, savings and quality products, we offer solutions you can rely on for your operational needs. Our customers choose us for our unmatched service and dedication to customer satisfaction every time.

If you're interested in trying our magnetic packaging solutions for yourself, our courteous team is here to help. Download our packaging solutions brochure to learn more and contact us for a product quote today.

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