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You make signs.  We make sign solutions to increase your business and profits.

Magnets play a key role in signs all around us.  Some signs are printed on flexible magnet such as car signs.  These are easy to put on and take off and allow ease of vehicle transformation from personal to business or transition from vehicle to vehicle.  Above our heads in retail locations, magnets hold signs up while allowing them to easily come down and be repositioned or changed out.  Magnets can be printed directly on or can be used as structural hanging or mounting devices in flexible magnet or hard magnet forms.  Flexible magnet can easily be attached to signs using adhesive tape for further mounting to metal ferrous surfaces or magnetic receptive surfaces such as rubber steel. 

Available by the roll, sheet or in cut or scored pieces, we can provide the flexible magnets required to hang your sign high.  Our wide selection of Neodymium, Round Base Magnets, Channel Assembly Magnets, or other hard magnets are available for quick shipment to help finish your project. 

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Key Ingredients to Successful Sign Making:

Outdoor Signage

printableMagnet3Magnets provide a way to replace the message simply and easily for a variable message format with moderate frequency; a practical and considerably less expensive alternative to digital signage.

  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Retail Store Specials
  • Window Displays - Call to Action


flexibleWarehouse1Flexible magnets are an easy way to create labeling to identify products, locations, and devices which encourages your customers to return with requirements for new printed material and supplies.  You can supply them with materials for seasonal displays or quickly changing product requirements.  Plain flexible magnet, adhesive laminated flexible magnet or printable magnet allows you to match the needs of your customer.

  • Warehouse Organization
  • Retail Point of Purchase
  • Retail Directories/Location Identification
  • Attendance Boards
  • Rack Label

Menu and Message Boards

signs3Restaurants, hair salons and spas, DIY craft stores and retail locations with changing specials use menu boards.  Magnets provide you with a simple, inexpensive and elegant solution to replace signs on a regular frequency. They can be incorporated into the sign and frame for holding or the message can be printed onto magnetic material.

  • Holding Printed Material on Dry Erase Surface
  • Matte White Printable
  • Disposable Sign Holders
  • Photography/Art Gallery

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