Tradeshow Booth Construction

tradeshow1Magnets hold it all together for easy assembly and takedown for your customers to get in and out of the show quickly!

Rochester Magnet works with display and tradeshow booth fabrication companies to create solutions that allow their booths to provide a professional permanent look with magnets in the mechanisms for ease in setting up and taking down.  Both flexible magnets and hard magnetic assemblies provide great holding power without the frustration of aligning (as with Velcro) or need for tools (when using screws, nuts, and bolts).  The magnets can be affixed to the display surface discreetly using a wide variety of adhesives.

Many of the key magnets used by the tradeshow booth professionals are in stock and available for same day ship.

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tradeshow2Key Ingredients for Easy Tradeshow Booth Construction:

Matched Pole

Matched Pole strip is available for applications where alignment must be perfect!  Using matched strips of magnet with perfect face alignment, these flexible magnet strips snap into place perfectly everytime without adjustment.  When a magnetic receptive surface is not available, Matched Pole allows face to face without the challenge of aligning poles.  Available with different adhesive backings.  Using matched pole give multi-piece signs the appearance of a single, seamless surface.

  • Curtains
  • Backdrop Panel Hanging
  • Multi-Panel Signs Requiring Alignment

Holding Devices

SandwichBRound baseWhen mounting signs, backdrops, or other heavy items, hard magnets and assemblies are ideal for the holding power required.

Booth Messaging

signs3Restaurants, hair salons and spas, DIY craft stores and retail locations with changing specials use menu boards.  Magnets provide you with a simple, inexpensive and elegant solution to replace signs on a regular frequency. They can be incorporated into the sign and frame for holding or the message can be printed onto magnetic material.

  • Holding Printed Material on Dry Erase Surface
  • Matte White Printable
  • Disposable Sign Holders
  • Photography/Art Gallery

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