The ability to install and dismantle temporary displays is necessary for companies planning to attend a trade show event and market their brand. But since so much effort goes into providing an engaging experience and designing effective visuals for attendees, constructing and removing the display itself needs to be as streamlined as possible. 

Providing magnetic components for your trade show displays allows your customers to enjoy strength, flexibility and convenience in assembling their stands. With our magnetic materials for trade show displays, there's no need for companies to train members or hire a team to set up and tear down an exhibit.

Rochester Magnet works with display and trade show booth fabrication companies to create solutions that allow their booths to provide a professional permanent look with magnets in the mechanisms for ease in setting up and taking down. Both flexible magnets and hard magnetic assemblies provide great holding power without the frustration of aligning (as with Velcro) or needing tools (when using screws, nuts, and bolts). 

The magnets can be affixed to the display surface discreetly using a wide variety of adhesives. 

Many of the key magnets used by the trade show booth professionals are in stock and available for same-day shipping at competitive prices. Our team is responsive and flexible to the specs you provide as part of your trade show structure's design.

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tradeshow2Key Ingredients for Easy Trade show Booth Construction:

Trade show exhibits can secure displays in various ways, like safety pins, clamps, metal fasteners and tape, but these are often difficult to position and sometimes allow for only one use. Whether you make smaller, portable pop-up display stands or larger exhibit structures, there's a magnetic or adhesive solution from Rochester Magnet that supports your product's integrity.

Matched Pole

Matched Pole magnetic strips are available for applications where alignment must be perfect! Using matched strips of magnet with perfect face alignment, these flexible magnet strips snap into place perfectly every time without adjustment. When a magnetic receptive surface is not available, Matched Pole allows face to face application without the challenge of aligning poles. Our matched pole magnetic strips are available with different adhesive backings for the performance you demand. 

Using matched pole magnets gives multi-piece signs the appearance of a single, seamless surface. When assembled, the result puts the messaging front and center and comes down easily for later use. Consider our magnetic strips for additional trade show components like:

  • Curtain Hanging
  • Backdrop Panel Hanging
  • Vinyl Banner Securing

Flexible Magnet Sheet

Our flexible magnets grant exhibitors multiple ways to spread messages that stick. We offer a variety of standard and custom dimensions, vinyl laminated printable surfaces or with adhesive for use with your commercial printers. Our magnet sheet's flexibility aids in adhering to curved surfaces in trade show exhibits like kiosks and walls without creasing or altering the material's function.

Potential uses include:

  • Attachable Decals
  • Promotional Messaging
  • Business Cards

Holding Devices

SandwichBRound baseWhen mounting trade show signs, backdrops, or other heavy items, hard magnets and assemblies are ideal for the holding power required. We offer high-strength, rare earth and ceramic magnets in numerous sizes, thicknesses, shapes, characteristics and formats. Our selection allows for numerous options for trade show structure construction, such as lighting fixtures, monitors, metal signage, racks or shelving for the products themselves. Let us know your vision with your pop-up display stand design, and we can recommend an ideal magnetic attachment from products like these:

Magnetic Receptive Materials

Rochester Magnet supplies RubberSteel and PaperSteel — two versatile materials that attract magnets and signage or structural components. We specialize in producing custom shapes and configurations, including different profiles, pressure-sensitive adhesives, vinyl laminate and printable surfaces for logos or titles. Lightweight and effortless to remove when needed, our magnetic receptive materials give your trade show components the ability to be used year after year.

Booth Messaging


Like some trade show structures, restaurants, hair salons and spas, DIY craft stores and retail locations with changing specials use replaceable boards. Magnets provide you with a simple, inexpensive and elegant solution to replace signs on a regular frequency. They can be incorporated into the sign and frame for holding or the message can be printed onto magnetic material. Whichever option you choose, you can provide interchangeable nameplates, schedules, menus or announcements unique to a particular day or event.

Rochester Magnet provides solutions for:

  • Holding Printed Material on Dry Erase Surface
  • Matte White Printable
  • Disposable Sign Holders
  • Photography/Art Gallery

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