Our expertise and ability to create and customize sizes, shapes, and a variety of materials allows us to improve many existing projects. We focus on working with you to find the perfect, innovative solution that delivers greater value and performance combined with cost savings. At Rochester Magnet, we respond to your requests and needs quickly. Here are just a few of our more popular material choices:


Flexible Magnetic Strip


  • Strip or Sheet
  • Stock Ready to Ship
  • Custom Cut, Scored, or Die Cut to Your Application
  • POP Display
  • Signs
  • Industrial

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Rare Earth (Neodymium)

Rare Earth (Neodymium)

  • Discs, Blocks, Rings
  • In stock or Custom Size
  • Packaging
  • Holding

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Printable Magnets

Printable Magnets

  • Sheets and Rolls
  • Signs
  • POP Display
  • Message Boards
  • Calendars
  • Vehicle Signs

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Magnetic Assemblies

Magnetic Assemblies

  • AlNiCo
  • Ceramic
  • Cups, Sandwich, Channel
  • Latches
  • Work Holders
  • Hooks and Hangers

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