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Rochester Magnet can assist you in selecting the best magnet for your application. Rare Earth Magnets and Neodymium Magnets (Neo Magnets) in particular, are available in a large selection of Discs, Blocks and Rings. However, if you need a special size and/or shape, Rochester Magnet can source produce this for you in weeks, not months. Whether you can use a standard design or need a completely custom magnet shape and/or size, Rochester Magnet is your technical resource and one stop shop for Neos.  Our inventory and relationships with manufacturing companies enables us to provide you with timely, cost effective and positive results.

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Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium2Rare earth magnets are high performance solutions that combine high pull force strength into a small form factor. A Neodymium Magnet (neo magnet) allows the use of a smaller magnet to generate a greater force than a larger magnet made of a different material would. This is particularly useful when strong force is required and/or when space is an important design consideration.

Standard Grade (N35) Neodymium has very high resistance to demagnetization at ambient temperatures. If your application requires exposure to heat > 176° F, slight demagnetization may occur and high temperature grades may be necessary. Please call us to specify alternate grades and specifications appropriate for your application.

Neodymium Magnets are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and energy levels.  Rochester Magnet offers a number of stock sizes through our Quick Ship inventory. As always, we can also customize most anything you require.


Common Applications

earth2Packaging Solutions Brochure

Neodymium Magnets are commonly found in Packaging Applications where an elegant solution is required for closure.  Neodymium discs are sometimes applied exposed, using our convenient pre-applied adhesive.  While other applications may require a stealth look, and bury the Neodymium disc underneath the surface.  Due to the great strength of these magnets,they allow for the proper reach required to create a secure closure.

Common Sizes Available with Adhesive



Pull Force

0.375 0.060 1.68
0.375 0.125 3.70
0.500 0.030 0.96
0.500 0.060 2.45
0.750  0.060 3.91


Adhesive-backed neodymium magnets are magnetized conventionally through the thickness. In order to achieve perfect alignment with magnet-to-magnet applications, you will need to match magnets with adhesive on the north side of the magnet, to magnets with adhesive on the south side of the magnet.   Once the adhesive is removed, they are ready for application.

In applications where two magnets are more strength than required, cold-rolled steel discs and custom strike plates can be used as a receptive mating surface.

Contact us to walk you through designing a solution that fits your application.

Samarium Cobalt

earth3Samarium Cobalt provides another Rare Earth Class magnet with properties similar to Neodymium. Although the force potential of these magnets is less, they are significantly more resistant to elevated temperatures.  The higher cost and lower energy potential of these magnets typically makes them best suited for applications with a high force requirement within a high temperature environment. 

Since these magnets are not subject to corrosion, they are typically uncoated/unplated. However, they are also very brittle and must be handled carefully or they will chip.

Additionally, care must be taken in the application to minimize shock or fracture or else chipping can occur.

Standard SmCo sizes and grades are provided in the link below.


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