Small and Large Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets offer a cost-efficient and effective solution for a wide variety of applications. These magnets are the choice for many industries such as packaging, marketing, and manufacturing. Our range of Neodymium magnetic strips offers a great deal of strength in a small size, which makes them perfect when working with applications with size constraints.

Our collection of small and large Neodymium magnets are susceptible to demagnetization at elevated temperatures. We will work with you to understand the operating parameters and whether a Neodymium magnet or other one constructed of another material is best suited for your needs.

The powerful nature of these magnets requires careful handling - small magnets can shatter when allowed to attract one another from a distance and large magnets can cause pain or even bodily injury when not handled properly.

No order is too big or small for us; if you are looking for neodymium magnets for sale in wholesale, feel free to seek a quote by filling the form in the top-right corner of the page.

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Standard Configurations


Discs are round or cylindricalNeos and generally are identified by the diameter first then the height of the disc. So a magnet labeled as 0.500” x 0.125” is a 0.500” diameter by 0.125” tall disc. Unless specified otherwise, these magnets are magnetized through the thickness.


Rings are round Neos that have a hole in the center. These Neodymium magnets that are available for sale will require three dimensions, an outside diameter, and an inside diameter and thickness. Unless specified otherwise, these magnets are magnetized through the thickness.


Neo blocks are rectangular or square with a variety of size options. These will require three measurements: length, width, and thickness. Unless specified otherwise, these magnets are magnetized through the thickness.

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Neodymium Grade Charts

Popular Sizes of Neodymium Magnets

Disc magnets below are Nickel Plated Grade 35.

Sku Dia. x Thick

Pull Force

  0.125" x 0.125" 0.6 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.125" x 0.250" 0.7 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.250" x 0.125" 1.9 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.250" x 0.187" 2.5 Call For Price & Availability
  0.250" x 0.250" 2.8 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.250" x 0.500" 3.2 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.375" x 0.060" A 1.8 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.375" x 0.060" 1.8 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.375" x 0.125" 3.7 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.375" x 0.187" 4.8 Call For Price & Availability
  0.375" x 0.250" 5.7 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.375" x 0.375" 6.6 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.375" x 0.500" 7.1 Call For Price & Availability
  0.500" x 0.060" A 2.5 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.500" x 0.060" 2.5 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.500" x 0.125" 5.4 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.500" x 0.187" 7.6 Call For Price & Availablity
  0.500" x 0.250" 9.1 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.500" x 0.375" 11.2 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.500" x 0.500" 12.2 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.750" x 0.125" 8.1 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.750" x 0.250" 15.7 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  0.750" x 0.375" 20.0 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  1.000" x 0.187" 16.6 Call For Price & Availablity
  1.000" x 0.250" 22.7 Online onlineStoreIconStore
  1.000" x 0.375" 31.4 Call For Price & Availablity
  1.000" x 0.500" 36.7 Call For Price & Availablity
  1.000" x 0.750" 46.1 Call For Price & Availablity

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