If you're looking for a highly durable and reliable magnet solution for demanding applications in high-temperature environments, consider samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnets. This high-performance material can provide the functionalities you need while withstanding high temperatures for long-term use. 

At Rochester Magnet, we offer a wide selection of magnet products, and we have samarium cobalt magnets available for your requirements. With customer-focused and knowledgeable service along with dependable offerings, we have what you need for the job. Let us partner with you to get the best solutions for your industry and meet your needs. 

What Are Samarium Cobalt Magnets?

earth3Rochester Magnet offers Samarium Cobalt magnets in blocks, discs, and rings. Samarium Cobalt is an alternative to Neodymium-lron-Boron (NdFeB), as SmCo magnets can withstand much higher temperatures and are more corrosion resistant than NdFeB. Samarium Cobalt is more costly than NdFeB due to the market price sensitivity of Cobalt. These magnets are brittle and can be prone to chipping or cracking. SmCo is used in computer disk drives, sensors, traveling wave tubes, linear actuators, satellite systems and some motors.

Sintered Samarium Cobalt rare earth magnets are extremely resistant to demagnetization and they can operate at temperatures up to 500F (260C). There are many Samarium Cobalt grades which can withstand higher temperatures, but several factors will dictate the overall performance of the Samarium Cobalt rare earth magnet. One of the most pertinent variables is the geometry of the magnet or magnetic circuit. Samarium Cobalt magnets which are relatively thin compared to their pole cross-section (Magnetic Length / Pole Area) will demagnetize easier than Samarium Cobalt magnets which are thick. Magnetic geometries utilizing backing plates, yokes, or return path structures will respond better to increased temperatures.

When you work with us, we'll help you get the highest performance products for your operations. Our SmCo magnet prices offer an investment with long-term value because of our products' high durability and reliability for demanding operating requirements. With our products, you'll get exceptional quality in your magnets to ensure optimal functioning and endurance even with heavy use.


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Types of Samarium Cobalt Magnets Available

The type of SmCo magnet you need will depend on your specific operations and capability requirements. You can choose from a range of grades and sizes to ensure your product can withstand whatever type of working environment you will need to handle on the job.

Rochester Magnet stocks some standard sizes that are available for immediate shipment. Additionally, we can help you select the right magnet based on your specific application and have custom magnets produced with normal production leadtimes. We are also able to supply solutions based on your specific engineered drawing. Please Contact Us with your specifications and application requirements.

Common Applications: Satellite Systems - Linear Actuators - Computer Disc Drives - Sensors - Motors (where temporary stability is vital).

  Oriented through the thickness
RMC PN Size (Dia. x Thickness) Grade
RMSC102 0.156" x 0.060" 18
RMSC103 0.156" x 0.077" 18
RMSC104 0.187" x 0.060" 18
RMSC107 0.250" x 0.125" 18
RMSC108 0.250" x 0.250" 18
RMSC109 0.375" x 0.125" 18
RMSC110 0.375" x 0.060" 18
RMSC111 0.375" x 0.250" 18
RMSC113 0.475" x 0.440" 18
RMSC112 0.500" x 0.060" 18
RMSC114 0.500" x 0.187" 18
RMSC115 0.625" x 0.060" 24
Oriented through the thickness
All dimensions approximate
Tolerances: ± .020 dia., ± 0.005 thickness


Applications for SmCo Magnets

Many different industries use samarium cobalt magnets, including military, aerospace and manufacturing fields, for a wide range of operations. Some of the typical applications of these magnets are:

  • Generators: For generators operating under high temperatures, SmCo magnets offer the functionality to keep the operation going smoothly.
  • Pump couplings: As pump couplings transmit power to the pump motor, they can get reliable performance for their critical operational role from SmCo magnets.
  • Sensors: The right magnet working with sensors can optimize their performance even with heavy use and high-temperature environments.
  • Motors: For reliable, seamless operation, these magnets can be a critical component of motor function.
  • Marine applications: Various marine applications working in potentially extreme environments can rely on rugged SmCo magnet products to maintain operation.

Why Choose Our Samarium Cobalt Magnets?

When you select samarium cobalt magnets from our inventory, you have access to an extensive product portfolio, and you also receive several other advantages. You'll get an outstanding combination of fast service, detailed attention to your exact requirement specifications and highly cost-efficient options. We strive to provide the best value for your purchases, so you can have confidence that you're getting a product you'll be able to use long-term in your operations.

Whatever your industry and operational objectives, we're here to help optimize your processes. Explore the expansive inventory of options we have available and get help from our friendly staff. When you work with us, our goal is to make the process as convenient and positive as possible for you.

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